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Batman Tossed Logo licensed cotton by meter


3 590 Ft
Unit price: 3 590 Ft/meter
Quantity discount:
2+  meter
-10 %
3 231 Ft/meter

Brand: Camelot Fabric
Collection: DC Commics 
Designer: Camelot Design Studio, licensed by Warner Bros. 
Fabric: Flannel


High quality 100% cotton with Batman logos for patchwork/quilt, bedding,  sleepwear, clothing, blanket,etc..

Minimum order is 30 cm, please give order quantity in meter ( 30 cm = 0,3 unit)


All products of Camelot licensed fabrics are intended for private use only. The use of these products for commercial purposes is not allowed. You can find more details of usage here.

Contents: 100% cotton
Width: 111-113 cm
Weight: 150 g/m2 +/- 5%
Washing instructions: machine was cold 30 C
Shrinckage: 2,5-5 %

Camelot Fabrics products contain the restriction "Not intended for children sleepwear". 
 This restriction applies to requirements of the USA and Canada market. Its the law requires to fabrics intended for the production of sleepwear for children were non-flammable which in practice means it has to contain flammability-lowering chemicals. Camelot products are not non-flammable so according to  US law should not be used for the production of clothing.

All products made by Camelot Fabrics like cotton fabric, flannel, fleece are safe for health and comply with the standards applicable in the European Union. These fabrics can be used to sew all kinds of clothing and decorative items. Home deco. The fabric passed tests under the content of harmful substances in the Institute of Textile industry in Lódź.

patchwork pamutvászon
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